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DIY Wood Deck & Fence Stain Nightmares VS Benefits of Hiring a Professional Exterior Painter in Camarillo CA

DIY Wood Deck & Fence Stain Nightmares VS Benefits of Hiring a Professional Exterior Painter in Camarillo CA

Spring is a great time to take advantage of the warmer weather and take some time to improve the look and shape of your home. Many homeowners take this time of year to install a beautiful fence or deck for their home. It is important to protect your new investment that you have just added onto your home. The best way to protect your new deck or fence is to hire McKay’s Painting to stain your new addition or refinishing your existing additions. Do not neglect the projects you put so much time and effort into, contact McKay’s Painting today to improve the look of your home this spring.

Deck and Fence Stain Offers many Benefits Such as Protection, Extending the Life & Improved Appearance

When you hire McKay’s Painting to stain your fence or deck you are receiving many benefits. When your deck or fence is stained by the professionals at McKay’s Painting, they will be protected from any fading that could occur from the sun’s bright rays. Not only will a stain job from McKay’s Painting protect your fence and deck, but it will improve the overall look aesthetically as well. Staining your deck and fence will prevent mold from accumulating and will seal and waterproof your deck and fence. Professional staining from McKay’s Painting provides so many benefits because it seeps into the wood farther than paint and greater protects the durability of the wood.

DIY Deck Staining Nightmares VS Hiring a Professional Exterior Painter

Whether you have installed a new deck or fence onto your home, or are preparing to refinish existing ones, McKay’s Painting is your number one choice to get the job done. Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to refinish their deck or stain their fence without having any experience in doing so. Many mistakes are often made by homeowners attempting to do these tasks for the first time. Permanent damage can be made if you attempt to refinish your deck using the wrong tools or materials. This can lead to more costs, time and energy. Save yourself from the headache of making these mistakes and hire McKay’s Painting to get the job done for you. McKay’s Painting is skilled, experienced and provide the highest quality of work when it comes to staining and refinishing your fence or deck. Improve the look of your home this spring with the help of McKay’s Painting today.

Deck & Fence Staining and Refinishing, Painting & Restoration Services in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California

Installing Crown molding, Baseboards, Chair Rails, Door Trim & Window Casings in Ventura CA

Installing Crown molding, Baseboards, Chair Rails, Door Trim & Window Casings in Ventura CA

Whether you’re making a change in your own home or doing a makeover project on another, you can’t go wrong with adding trim. The word “trim” refers to almost every applied decorative element you can think of. Baseboards, door and window coverings, chair rails, picture rails and crown molding. Trim can increase a home’s value and resale value. It adds visual interest and is an inexpensive way to bring beauty to your home. It can give it an upscale feel if that’s the look you’re going for.

Crown Molding Installation Ideas

Crown molding makes any room look nicer. It is sometimes used to dress up the joint where the wall meets the ceiling, and various decorative trim that can include chair rail, and picture molding. These are used to add interest to walls or ceilings. Consider the style of your home and the height of your ceiling. Ceilings that are 10 feet or higher should use the rule of thumb and allow 1” of width for each foot of wall. This is just a guide though. You can still have crown molding with a low ceiling just keep it to scale with the room. Sometimes you can combine more than one type of molding for the look you want. If you have a uniform ceiling throughout your home then using the same molding will create a nice flow. If you have different heights of ceilings in your home then you could go with a different moldings in a couple of areas.

Baseboards and Casings Types & Styles

The purpose of baseboards is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. Baseboards protect the bottom of the wall from such things as a wet mop or a vacuum cleaner. They’re also meant to cover the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall while protecting the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture. Case molding is the trim that is used around a doorway, window or archway and defines the overall character of a room. It is often times the most visible part of the trim and are primarily used to cover the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. There are four types of casings. Low-profile casings lay flat against the wall and give a finished look. High-profile casings lay flat and are layered to create more depth. The modern casings are minimal and have clean lines that blend rather than standout. The traditional look is simple in style and similar to low-profile because they usually lay flat.

Installing Baseboard, Ceiling, Door & Window Wall Trim

Trim can be nailed, screwed or glued to the wall. After the installation is complete it should be cleaned and sanded. Any holes, dents and cracks should be filled and smoothed out. The walls are taped and the trim is painted. A well-trimmed room is something special and the baseboards, casing and crown all relate to each other in their style, proportions, sizing and finish. Done well it gives the appearance that this home is well-crafted and solid.

Crown Molding, Trim, Painting & Restoration Services in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California

Poorly installed trim can make a home look cheap. If it’s done right and well kept, it will benefit the value of any home. Contact McKay’s Painting today to have trim add beauty to your home!

Why Should You Hire a Professional Contractor to Fix, Repair & Patch Your Drywall Holes, Cracks & Other Damage in Thousand Oaks CA?

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Fix, Repair & Patch Your Drywall Holes, Cracks & Other Damage in Thousand Oaks CA?

Your drywall can be damaged in many different ways and no matter the cause it can leave an unsightly eyesore. One of the ways that your drywall can be damaged is the most obvious and that is by someone hitting or kicking a wall. This will leave a hole that will need to have a drywall patch installed. A giant hole in the wall is not the only way that drywall can be damaged and look bad. A small dent in the wall can be caused when a child tips a chair over that is too close to the wall. You could be moving a large piece of furniture and on the way slide against the wall. This can cause a gouge or scrape in the wall that can look terrible. These are some of the more major ways that drywall is damaged but there are other ways too. When you go and hang your artwork and pictures you are damaging the drywall. The small holes from a nail can also cause damage but they are not a big deal until you decide to move the room around and remodel. This can make the room look unfinished. Whatever the reason behind the damaged drywall the best way to ensure that the repairs are done properly is by hiring a professional painter and drywall repair company.

McKays Painting Outlines Why it is Beneficial to Hire a Professional Drywall Contractor to Repair Your Drywall Damage.

Drywall Contractors Have Skills & Experience: There is a lot to say about experience. When someone has been trained to do a specific task and has had experience in making repairs, the value that it adds is really priceless. The more knowledge and experience that someone has the better they will be at the task. When it comes to drywall repairs you want the patch to blend into the wall and leave no sign that there was a problem in the first place. The professionals will be able to not only secure the patch properly but will be able to match the texture with the rest of the wall so that it is ready to be finished.
We Can Match Existing Paint Colors: The last thing you want after you have had your drywall repaired is to leave it unpainted. Most of the time the drywall repair products are white and if you have any other color wall you will want it to match the rest of the room. You can repaint the entire room or you can have a professional come out and paint match the current color to paint over the repairs that were done.

McKays Painting offers drywall repair, paint matching and other painting and restoration services in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Painter & Home Improvement Contractor for Remodeling & Renovations in Camarillo CA

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Painter & Home Improvement Contractor for Remodeling & Renovations in Camarillo CA

Homes require more maintenance and repairs than most people realize. Homeowners across the country are either performing duties with different aspects of maintenance, implementing repairs, or even going more in depth with home improvements or renovations. No matter the task, if it doesn’t get done, within a short time frame your abode could be falling apart. Interior painting, drywall repair, improving your deck or patio, installing or desiring maintenance on your wood fence, or perhaps the siding, or fascia boards are in desperate need of attention, you want a professional on the job.

McKay’s Painting list the benefits of hiring a professional to apply our skills and craft in improving your home with many home improvement services we provide.

Hiring a Professional House Painter & Home Improvement Contractor. When hiring a professional to take on your home improvement chores you get the whole package. You are not only acquiring our time, but also a plethora of advantages.
Superior Painting Equipment, Tools, Supplies & Products. As with many industries, the licensed professional painter gets the perk of obtaining exclusive tools of the trade. In the hands of a trained professional, the equipment we utilize, the tools used for efficiency, the top quality supplies for maximum results and the class A products incorporated in any service, makes the end outcome that of perfection.
Advanced Painting & Construction Training. The professional painter has been expertly trained to perform the tasks needed to make your home safe, livable, beautiful and durable. Those who know little about the home improvement job that needs doing will never execute the job to that of the trained professional. The specialists know the correct protocols and important subtleties that go into each and every home maintenance, repair or installation.
Painting & Home Renovation Experience. Doing home improvement work for a career choice builds up a valuable amount of experience. Common or unique jobs can conjure up common or unique snags in the process. With the experienced handyman doing the work, these snafus’ can be easily adjusted, where as the amateur could embark on more troubling times or defective results.
Cost Effective Painters & Contractors. A common misconception most folks have is that investing in a professional to complete a home improvement project means shelling out a small fortune. This is very untrue. Yes, with anything you want to attain comes at a price. But the truth is, by the time you bought your own tools, equipment, materials and anything else needed, along with the cost of wasteful mistakes, you are in a fair comparison of what you would spend on the pro. Not only that, but the professionals carry insurance in the event an unforeseen catastrophe strikes. If it happens while you are on the case, you will be responsible for that cost as well.
Painting & Home Remodeling Time Saver. A skilled professional has methodical techniques and protocols that expedite many jobs. Along with our experience, we can execute the project far faster than the amateur attempting the same job. Time is a valuable commodity that in this fast paced life-style can be very hard to come by; and is better served elsewhere.
Home Remodeling Safety: Painting, roof repair, window installation, the list goes on with home improvement duties that offer little in the ways of safety. People with physical disabilities need to be extra cautious, but to the untrained individual, many jobs can land you in the emergency room. Instead of risking life and limb, a professional who has been trained in safety measures is optimal.

Professional Painting, Home Improvement & Remodeling in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California

At McKay’s painting, we have all these attributes and so much more. Our extensive menu of services is done by trained and experienced experts whose number one goal is customer satisfaction for returned clients. If you need any home improvement maintenance, repair or installation done, call us today to get started!